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We know you like Bingo so here's what we have in store for you this month.

Lake of the Torches does Bingo like no other with monthly promotions you won't want to miss!

Mo’ Moolah

Sundays in August

Win mo’ moolah with our special $8 packs on Sundays.


Wednesdays in August

On Wednesdays, win extra cash if you correctly guess if the next number called will be higher or lower than the number you just won with on a single winner Regular pack win.

Nifty Fifty

Sundays in September

Win cold cash prizes on Sundays! Enter the drawings with your initial purchase to win one of four $50 prizes we’ll award during the session. Good luck!

Lucky 5

Wednesdays in September

Bingo on any number ending in “5” on a Regular pack game on Wednesdays and you’ll win a free Pack!

Oddball Thursdays

Thursdays in September

Win with an odd number on your Regular pack and we’ll add $25 to your cash payout.

Free Pull Tabs

Saturdays in September

It pays to come early on Saturdays when the first 50 players will receive $5 in Pull Tabs!

Mo’ Moolah

Saturdays and Sundays in September

Win mo’ moolah with our special $8 6-on packs on Sundays and now on Saturdays!

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